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Complex Disability Management

Adults (over 18) who have complex disability due to physical and/or cognitive impairment associated with a neurological condition (a condition affecting the brain or spine). The condition may impair to varying degrees one of more of the following:

  • Physical ability (including mobility; muscle tone, joint range, seating and positioning)

  • Cognitive ability (including alertness; memory; attention; and thought processing)

  • Emotions (including mood, behaviour and coping)

  • Independence in quality of life and activities of daily living (including personal care; continence; nutrition (diet and eating) ; choice; identity; socialising and recreation)

  • Communication and swallowing ability (including utilisation of any potential verbal and non-verbal expression (with and without equipment/aids); comprehension; assessing and maximising swallow functionality)

  • Respiratory ability (including ventilatory support, tracheostomy care, saliva management and chest management).

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Complex Disibility Management