Support Friends of Neuro to Develop the Woodland Project at Gardens and Jacobs Neurological Centres

In 2012 a small group of the residents’ friends and family members decided that it was time to increase awareness of the work of our centres and to raise funds which would be used to improve the lives of resident in the centres. To achieve these aims, an Unincorporated Charitable Organisation (UCO) was formed and began fund raising. Since that moment the group have been incredibly successful raising in excess of £15,000. On reaching that target, it became necessary by law to become a fully registered charity. This was quite a long and arduous task but was achieved, the group are now a Charitable Incorporated Organisation (CIO) with the Charity number – 1167409.

All of the residents in the centres have experienced severe brain injuries and many have very complex needs. The majority are in wheelchairs and most rely on others to help them lead as normal a life as possible. The Friends group was formed to support the staff and families who care for the residents and to provide the "nice to have" items that cannot be provided through normal funding channels.

During the pandemic, the group was not able to help out directly however created a wonderful Christmas display in the gardens to cheer everyone up and maintained the grounds around the centres plus the recently created the peaceful woodland garden. However, they have had no opportunity to raise funds for 18 months and have set up an appeal to continue the work they do in the woodland particularly.

How you can support

You can support the Friends by making a donation, however small to help the developments continue, in particular the Woodland garden which brings joy to our residents: