Hertfordshire Care Awards Winner 2019 For Most Innovative Residential Care Team

Representatives of the Gardens & Jacobs Neuro Centre attended the Hertfordshire Care Awards 2019 at Knebworth House in Stevenage.

In Ramsay Neurological Centres our residents have high complex needs and the National Early Warning Score (NEWS2) is unable to fully reflect the vital signs obtained.  It can be unreliable in residents with Spinal Cord Injury/Brain Injury and Neuro disabilities owing to functional disturbances of the autonomic nervous system.  Most of the residents at the Centres would trigger immediately on NEWS2 that would require escalation and potential hospital admission.  The Team decided they needed to develop a scoring system that would better meet the needs of our residents.  Using the NEWS2 chart as the starting point parameters were agreed that better reflect the vital signs obtained from our residents due to their condition and high complex needs.

A chart was designed and named the Neurological Services Early Warning Score [NSEWS] and presented to the Ramsay Health Care Corporate Clinical team.  The NSEWS was subsequently signed off and launched in January 2019.

The Team then facilitated a training programme for all clinical staff which included a presentation, scenarios and knowledge testing.  A competency was completed with all clinical staff and will be updated on an annual basis. 

All residents have their own NSEWS chart to be used in the event of deterioration in their condition. The back of the chart guides staff on actions to take regarding observations obtained.

It is hoped to publish NSEWS in the future hoping it will help others to monitor residents/patients who have differing vital signs because of autonomic disturbances.