Our aim is to help people whose physical, behavioural and cognitive needs require ongoing support and guidance to ensure that they maintain gains they have previously made. We know that people need to be able to practice their newly-acquired and re-Iearnt skills in a variety of settings to encourage generalisation and allow them to make the most of their lives.

The purpose of a slow stream rehabilitation service is to give people more time and opportunities to achieve their goals, increase their independence and make sure that they do not lose the gains they have already made. We aim to make that a reality for all our residents. We know that most people in our care will already have had a period of acute rehabilitation and they now need time and patience to progress and maintain their skills in a variety of settings.

We support residents with appropriately trained and qualified care and clinical staff. Our aim is to work with the people in our care to maintain and increase their level of skills and community experiences and increase the possibility of re-entering the community with a greater level of independence. We acknowledge that this consolidation period is often where gains are slow and also compromised by cognitive, motivational and behavioural issues. We also know that people in this group may have other co-morbidities diagnosis, such as substance abuse or mental health issues which need to be addressed sensitively, adding a greater degree of complexity to the delivery of the service. Our clinical teams aim to give our residents the opportunity to develop quality of life choices. Rehabilitation, goals and objectives are developed in partnership with residents, their families and carers.

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