Case Study 2

LC - Transferred from BIRU to The Dean following a traumatic subdural haemorrhage sustained during a bicycle accident. The patient presented with dense right sided hemiplegia, expressive/receptive dysphasia, apathy and limited insight with regard to his disabilities. LC was dependent on the assistance of two carers to manage his care needs, could self-feed providing meals were accessible to him and appropriate equipment provided and was dependent on his manual wheelchair for mobility for which he was reliant on a carer/family member to manoeuvre. LC participated in intensive slow stream rehabilitation and underwent a Cranioplasty. Following the surgery LC was able to stand independently and walk with the assistance of two. At all other times he self-propelled his wheelchair to access different environments at his own volition – he was far more spontaneous in his daily routine.

OUTCOME - LC managed to return home to live with his wife with a small care package. He was mobile with a walking stick on discharge.

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