Case Study 3

DS - A British born lady, living overseas sustained a Subarachnoid Haemorrhage. DS was initially treated in mainland Spain before transferring to The Dean for slow stream rehabilitation. DS presented with some high level cognitive impairment, left hemiplegia and subsequent inattention, left lower limb weakness and altered sensation/proprioception. DS was dependent on a manual wheelchair which she was able to manoeuvre independently; she had been taking a few steps with 2/3 therapists whilst being treated in Spain. She transferred using a standing aid and required assistance with personal care primarily to support sequencing and problem solving.

OUTCCOME - DS had a high level of input during her stay at The Dean and was successfully discharged to a family member’s home. Upon discharge she was independently mobile with use of a walking stick and could complete the stairs safely with supervision of one. DS was able to manage her personal care needs with minimal support and was keen to return to a ‘home’ environment. Her long term plan was to return to her home overseas and in the meantime, follow-up therapy input was arranged via the community team in her location.

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