Case Study 4

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Case Study 4 - Alan

Alan was admitted to the Gardens Neurological Centre in November 2016 following a stroke in August 2016. Prior to his admission he was a patient at Queens Hospital in Romford. He was previously fit and well and had worked in a bank and swimming was a passion of his.

On admission, he presented with severe weakness in his right limbs and cognitive problems. Alan had poor mobility and required a self propelling wheelchair to transfer himself around the centre. He was reliant on carers for all self care needs.

Whilst an inpatient at the Gardens, Alan received an intensive rehabilitation programme for 12 weeks. During his stay, his strength in his lower limbs significantly improved, resulting in Alan mobilising around the centre independently. Alan regained movement in his right arm and required prompting to use his arm. Towards the end of his placement, he was able to ascend/descend a flight of stairs safely with minimal supervision. He only required a wheelchair for outdoor transport.

Alan was really keen to get back into a swimming pool, support from his family and the Therapy Team at the Gardens, enabled him to access a local swimming pool regularly whilst he was still a resident with us.

He was successfully discharged home in February 2017 to live with his wife. Alan continues to access his local swimming pool frequently and uses his static exercise bike to maintain and improve his endurance and stamina.

When you see a patient literally walking out of our door to go home , it makes everyone’s hard work worth it!

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