Case Study 5 - JS

JS was admitted to Watford General hospital on Christmas eve of 2010 after he collapsed which developed into acute right sided weakness and slurred speech. CT scans indicated left parietal intracerebral haemorrhage. He was then transferred to the National Hospital for Neurology and Neurosurgery , where he went decompressive craniotomy. During this time he required ventilatory support via a tracheostomy, which has since been removed in 2011. He also developed and required medical management for multiple complications.

JS is an only child who lived with his parents and was previously a hardworking trainee aircraft mechanic.

JS was initially at Jacobs Centre in 2011 and later on moved to Gardens Centre. He was completely reliant on two carers for all self-care needs, one carer to prepare and assist with meals . He was hoisted for all transfers with assistance of two.

By discharge after almost 8 years, JS gained his independence using a powered wheelchair both indoors and outdoors and a short distance mobility with assistance of two using a wheeled gutter frame which he also managed to do with his mum and dad after undergoing trainings with therapist. He can now transfer with assistance of one using a Return/Rota stand transfer. He no longer needs an environmental control unit to help him control his environment , now keen on using active movement of both arms and speaking out what he needs and what he wants.

He underwent surgeries for both ankle as soon as he showed his potential for further mobility and cooperated to the full for his recovery which pays off. All these years, JS had worked hard for his daily therapy sessions, always present and on time!

His initial goal was to be able to walk and to feel as normal as he can, and he did worked to achieved that goal. Now his goal moved further as he wanted to re-integrate to his community and do the things his friends does. He moved back to his parents home, but with his own adapted part of the house, enabling him to improve further with the independence he gained. He has been referred to enablement team to support all his goals. JS is being missed by everybody in Jacobs and Gardens, having stayed with us all these years, we have seen him and his family worked hard towards his goals.

He had been an inspiration to all the residents and families!

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