Case Study 6 - Susan Syms

Mrs. Susan Syms was admitted to Jacobs and Gardens Neurological Centre in June 2017 after spending a year in the hospital.

Susan was previously independent , working and driving to work. She was an outgoing person who enjoys sports such as cycling and tennis and enjoys taking care of her family.

Sue had a collapse due to a lesion identified to be a cerebral abscess secondary to previous dental extraction. While in the hospital, Sue had to undergo numerous surgical intervention s and shunt revisions, developed a progressive bilateral facial nerve palsy causing an eye movement disorder, cognitive and memory impairments with physical difficulties leading to bilateral hip and knee contractures . Sue lost the motivation and initiation thinking she won’t be able to walk again.

Sue undergone 6 months of intensive rehabilitation and the team was able to get her trust and full cooperation on her treatment program. She eventually managed to do all her self-directed exercises program daily and managed full flight of stairs with 1 stick with minimal supervision and independent in all personal care and medications. Sue managed to mobilise independently with a frame and minimal supervision with 1 stick to no aid at all. Sue managed to go back on her twostory house as she always wish for with basic equipment needed, no adaptation!

She was keen on progressing even better at home environment with the help of enablement team and community and is looking forward on being able to play tennis again, at least for for fun. Sue always says….there’s no place like home!!!! It all proves that dedication, hard work and motivation and of course team work do wonders!

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