Case Study 7 - AL

AL experienced a severe headache which ended up as a left-sided Cerebellar haemorrhage stroke, affecting most her balance, vision and speech on the 19th of April 2016. She underwent emergency neurosurgery and was on prolonged ventilator support. She was successfully weaned off the tracheostomy and a PEG inserted to maintain nutrition and hydration. AL was transferred to Gardens Neurological Centre on 25th of January 2017 for further slow-stream rehabilitation. AL was left with severe physical disability requiring full assistance of two for all personal care and transfers. This made her frustrated , feeling hopeless and demotivated. Prior to the incident AL was living independently in her own home and was a dedicated and hardworking teacher in a local school. She is very close to her family, friends and colleague and much loved in her work place.

AL underwent intensive slow stream rehabilitation for one and half years. She gained independence with her powered wheelchair both indoors and outdoors. She continued to join her family and friends in the community while with us, keeping in touch with her closest friends which gave her motivation to work hard to reach her maximum functional potential. Family had been very supportive and undergone several training's to be able to transfer AL in and out of the car and able to take her out. AL enjoyed her Mediterranean cruise with her friend for 10 days very well that she booked for another cruise for next year.

AL had undergone intensive rehabilitation with the Speech and Language Therapist, empowering her to be understood, as well as keeping in touch with the outside world using social media. She even had her PEG out after she managed to eat and drink normally.

AL decided to relocate, get her own suitable place and continue her progress on her own environment and community with support. AL was aware of her limitations but very keen on maximising her independence and gained mobility.

AL is currently enjoying her independence, exploring her community. She had kept in touch and very happy taking the bus to attend to her local church, shopping, seeing her friends with her buddy! She started to enjoy once again the things the she used to enjoy and is living the life!

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