Case Study 8

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Case Study 8 - Mr Alan Canham

Mr. Alan Canham was admitted at the Gardens Neurological Centre for intensive rehabilitation program on 07/11/2016 after collapsing on his way to his daily swimming on 07/08/2016 due to Left-sided Middle Cerebral which has resulted in severe right-side hemiplegia, severe expressive and receptive language problems and cognition difficulties. Due to the condition, Mr. Canham suffered poor safety awareness and been having incident of numerous falls which was urgently dealt on. Mr. Canham’s mobility was limited to self-propelling wheelchair indoor.

Mr. Canham had a daily intensive physiotherapy, speech and language therapy, occupational therapy and activities both indoors and outdoors. He had been assessed by Gardens Neurological Centre senior Aquatic physiotherapy in the pool where he normally swims and was given a go signal for the family to continue the hydrotherapy.

Mr. Canham was discharged home with wife as main carer, mobilising independently without any walking aid, minimal prompt on gait pattern. He managed to do full flight of stairs with supervision. He managed personal care with minimal supervision for prompting. Mr. Canham uses wheelchair only as an outdoor transport. Right side showed improvement and just needed prompt to use functionally. He showed improvement on safety awareness,mostly just would like to show off! Mr. Canham’s eyes would lit up when you talk about home and going back to swimming, through his hard work and cooperation with the whole team at Garden’s, it became possible!

When you see a patient literally walking out of our door to go home , it makes everyone’s hard work worth it!

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