Case Study 9 - AI

AI was admitted to the Gardens Neurological Centre on 22nd October 2015 following a traumatic brain injury as a result of being hit by a car in July 2014. He was diagnosed as being in PDOC- Prolonged Disorder of Consciousness with a Minimally Conscious State. He was transferred to numerous hospitals and nursing homes prior to being admitted to Gardens Neurological Centre for further complex disability management. AI presented with severe physical, cognitive and communication issues and had no means of communication with variable alertness.

AI received a regular therapy sessions and numerous support to manage his disability, including a program together with activities and other professionals to monitor and improve cognition, to improve posture management, to promote socialisation and to encourage engagement to his environment and communication.

AI had lived on his own in UK for 6 years prior to his accident. Here in the UK he had very few friends visiting him and his family who were living back home in Romania and Italy struggled to visit him. Early 2017, his sister, expressed wishes for her brother to be discharged to Bologna, Italy, to be closer to family members and where there was a supportive network of friends. The MDT and legal team, agreed with his sister that it was in AI's best interest to be discharged to Italy to be closer to family and friends. This discharge required a lot of preparation and communication both here at the Gardens, with family, and Italy where he would be continuing his rehabilitation. He was discharged from Gardens Neurological Centre on 27th April 2017 to Bologna. Recent contact with his sister, reports that AI is very settled and there are plans to transfer him to a permanent neurological rehab setting.

AI will be remembered as a very pleasant young man with the sweetest smile that made everyone smile, and that’s everyone! Working extra miles and extra hours, knowing that he is comfortable and a lot happier with family around is such a fulfilment, hoping that with that....improving a little bit more can be possible!

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