Fees, Terms & Conditions

The basic weekly fee rate includes accommodation, equipment, utility bills (excluding personal telephone calls), maintenance, food and drinks, linen, laundry, cleaning, internal activities, external activities (excluding costs such as meals out and admission charges e.g. to theatres/places of interest), general nursing and care services.

Additional fees are charged for enhanced or specialist services and facilities e.g. physiotherapy, speech and language therapy, enhanced equipment, enhanced nursing/care services. Additional fees are based on assessed needs and agreed in advance with the placement funder.

Individuals/relevant third parties can choose their preferred payment method e.g. direct debit, standing order, cash or cheque. Fees are payable monthly in advance and are subject to an inflationary rise in April each year.

What the NHS may not fund

Fees do not include the cost of personal goods/services such as toiletries, clothing, dry cleaning, hairdressing, chiropody and personal telephone calls from land lines within each centre. Assistance can be provided to obtain such goods/services either on site or externally. Charges for those provided on site are in line with normal high street prices.

Prior to your admission

Prior to or on admission you or your nominated representative will be asked to sign the Ramsay Neurological Services Statement of Terms and Conditions. You will be given a copy for your reference. This document clarifies expectations of both you and Ramsay (many of which are also included in this guide) with regard to, for example:

  • Your room
  • Fees
  • Care and therapy to be provided
  • Termination including notice periods
  • Temporary absence from the home
  • Health, safety & security
  • Rights and responsibilities of both parties

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