Neuro quality account

Our quality account provides information and insight into our highly specialised neurological service. Our results are published here to provide assurance for our residents and our commissioners, to demonstrate that we are committed to progressive achievements from one year to the next.

Our emphasis is always to ensure residents and their families receive safe and effective care, that they feel valued and respected as partners in decisions about their care.

We recognise that driving service excellence depends on everyone in the organisation. It is not about reliance on one person or a small group of people to be responsible and accountable for our performance. Across Ramsay we nurture the teamwork and professionalism on which excellence depends. We value our people and with every year we set our targets higher, working on every aspect of our service to bring a continuing stream of improvements into our facilities and services.

The multi-disciplinary teams working in our neurological service centres exhibit this teamwork and vocation to a high degree. This year we can be very proud of the team’s achievements which are published here; over ten years the team have charted milestones to recovery and patiently measured outcomes in the long journey to recovery. Recovery in any rehabilitation service can be slow and results emerge over the long rather than short term as these insightful case studies will show.

Outcomes and Outputs report

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