The admission process at Ramsay Neurological Services

Step 1: Referral Decision

Referrals are received from CCG’s, Hospital Discharge Managers, Regional Rehabilitation Units, Social Workers, Continuing Care Teams, Neuro Navigators, Case Workers, as well as individuals funded by insurance and for self pay.

Step 2: Assessment

Each potential resident is visited in their current environment and an initial assessment of their nursing and therapy needs is conducted. Medical reports, nursing and therapy reports are obtained from the current care facility.

Step 3: Care plan

Once the admission team have agreed that the appropriate care and therapy can be provided to the patient, an initial care plan is developed; and fee levels determined. *The fee levels are forwarded to the funding body for approval.

*Fees are adjusted according to resident requirements. High dependency cases may require one-to-one management and other specialist equipment e.g. Ventilators. The fee levels will reflect these costs and each case is considered on an individual basis for funding approval.

Step 4: Approval

Once the fees are approved a second assessment may be required by the nursing and therapy staff to observe the current care delivery in order to achieve seamless transfer to the chosen unit. If there has been any delay regarding admission a further assessment will be carried out to ensure a smooth transfer of care.

Step 5: Admission

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