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Living at our centres

Food & Drinks

Food at Ramsay Neurological CentresAll of your meals are included at no extra charge. Breakfast is available at whatever time is convenient for you and you can choose either in advance or on the day what you would like to have. You will be asked to choose from the comprehensive lunch and evening menus approximately 48 hours in advance to allow time for the catering service (provided by the Rivers Hospital and Winfield Hospital, which are on the same site) to obtain relevant supplies and prepare your choices.


The service can cater for a range of special diets, a number of which are included in the various options available day-to-day. Lunch is normally served between 12:45pm and 2pm and the evening meal is served between 5.15pm and 6.30pm.


A range of hot and cold drinks are available at any time for no extra charge. Snacks can be made available upon request and a further selection of snacks, sweets and cold drinks can be purchased via the on site tuck shop.


A restaurant is available at the Rivers Hospital for Visitors.

Cleaning & Laundry

The centres have a team of housekeeping staff who are responsible for maintaining the cleanliness of the home. Residents are welcome to contribute to cleaning their own room if they would like to do so. Flat linen such as sheets, duvet covers and towels are provided by the home and laundered externally. Our internal laundry service, provided on site, is available for residents labelled named clothing and personal items.


It should be noted that as part of our infection control procedures, any items soiled with bodily fluids or matter will be laundered at high temperatures. This may not be suitable for delicate items. Residents (and relatives) are advised to take this into account when choosing the items they bring in and use.

Pets & Personal Items

Personal items of furniture or furnishings are welcome within the residents own room to make it as homely as is possible, please discuss arrangements with your key worker. Pets are welcome to visit each centre.

PAT Dogs (Pets as Therapy)

Our Pat Dogs Barney and Jasper continue to come to the centres, most Tuesday afternoons. Brenda their owner, supported by the activities team visits both Jacobs and Gardens and introduces the boys our residents many of whom look forward to their visits.

Barney and Jasper are German Spitz, and with a harsh outer coat coupled with their thick undercoat insulates them against all weathers, take lots of brushing!



Barney and Jasper





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