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Our staff at Ramsay Neurological Centres

There is a high ratio of registered nurses and care staff to the residents. The number of nursing care staff on duty each day and night is determined by individual residents needs. Some residents for example may require one to one support, others may need one to two or one to four.


Each centre normally has a Minimum of 4 registered nurses on duty 24 hours per day, supported by clinical managers and teams of care assistants, senior care assistants and clinical support assistants.


A key worker system operates at the centres and regular reviews of care needs, care delivery and therapy requirements are conducted for each resident by internal and external teams.

The therapy teams in each centre includes:

  • Qualified and experienced Neurological Physiotherapists
  • Qualified and experienced speech and language therapist
  • Qualified and experienced Occupational Therapist
  • Qualified and experienced Dietician

  • Qualified and experienced Neuro psychologist

  • Activity facilitators
  • Therapy assistants

Nursing care and Therapy staff receive training in a range of relevant areas including the management of different neurological conditions, tracheotomies, gastrostomies, seizures, chest management, postural management, protection of vulnerable adults, all relevant health and safety training and NVQ's. Regular supervision and appraisal ensure that every member of staff maintains relevant competencies.


The centres also employ a range of non-clinical staff including porters, hotel services, maintenance, business and administration staff.

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